Translation: Pli 04 - Matière(s)

Pli 04 Matieres - Translation - Kiel Bonhomme.jpg

After writing an original piece for “Pli 03 - Conflit” entitled For Every Light a Shadow, I worked with the Paris-based review as the head translator for “Pli 04 - Matière(s).”

Pli Revue is an annual thematic collaborative mook that explores the intersections of architecture and publishing, space and paper. My task as head translator was to personally interpret the entirety of the 20+ original French essays that were selected for the work. The styles ranged from deep probing explorations of a singular happening to a novella type reflection on the nature of the human appetite for architectural complexity. Each author’s prose conveyed their thoughts with enthusiasm and each had its own style, calling for precision and adaptability. The work in itself is lovely and mind expanding in its variety and idiosyncrasy.

Have a look at Pli’s website to discover more about Matière(s), which contains both French and English texts.