Web content: Kerzon Paris

I recently linked up with the home fragrance company KERZON (Paris) to develop the brand’s voice in English. KERZON makes a lot of fantastic products like eco-responsible candles, reusable traveling pouches, and thoughtfully blended mists - everything that the international wellness market looks for, especially coming from a Parisian brand. 

I was happy to join the KERZON family because:

  1. The recognizable quality of commodities and in their aesthetic.

  2. They are a family business that boasts local French production.

  3. Their French communication is already very crisp and deserves to be articulated equally well in English.

Generally, this is would be called translation work, but I find that with a brand as distinctive as KERZON, it’s more creative interpretation than Google Translate, and often many of the changes we choose to make in English are adopted in French. The English voice will be the brand’s first introduction to the non-Francophile world, and it’s been fun re-imagining it alongside their creative director and founder Pierre-Alexis. Like the ingredients they extract and bottle, the result is only as good as the balance of musk and fruit, pepper and flower. Yes I’m romanticizing a bit (a lot), but a quality brand like KERZON can make you feel some kind of way. 

**The English on their website is a WIP.