Copywriting: Mission Statement for Papier Tigre

Papier Tigre Mission Statement - Copywriting - Kiel Bonhomme.jpeg

I recently had the pleasure of writing the mission statement of the creative stationery company Papier Tigre. I have been working with the brand for a while as a translator for their native French content, which is very fun and full of playful energy. (Re)writing the mission statement comes at a strategic moment for the brand, which is moving into a new range of services and undergoing a refurbishing of their physical space in Paris. The brand’s leadership didn’t lose sight of the importance of mirroring these physical changes with a new take on what anchors their website, the about section.

Working with an external professional like myself allowed for incorporating all of the desired “pillar” informational elements while leveraging them against an objective grasp of the brand’s scope and vision for the future. Moreover, collaborating with a native Anglo-Saxon writer for the original text rather than a French writer also paired well with the brand’s international appeal and ambitions. We defined their needs over the course of a few discussions, and even with plenty of internal writing talent, Papier Tigre’s team recognized the added value in having an outside approach to this tactical document.

Find a sample of the text below and see the selections that made it on to their website through this link.

We believe in making things.

We make paper products and accessories that ease into your everyday life.
A sudden feeling, poem, recipe, design map, your next big idea, love notes, school notes, brainstorms, sketch of a storm cloud, thoughts too precious to put in the cloud... The joy of it all.

Creative products for makers.

Since 2012, Papier Tigre has supported the idea that we are all thinkers, we are all artists. Boardroom maestros, head executives of doodles, professionals at experiencing life in unique ways – a community of pioneering individuals. We make quality stationery tools that are out of the ordinary, just like you.

From tech to touch.

To every one of our past, present, and future clients: you have inspired so many feelings over the years. We know you’re all different and your uniqueness is our muse. Today, the Papier Tigre Studio is dedicated to making life accessories in YOUR image.

Starting summer 2019, Papier Tigre offers one-of-a-kind bespoke services for building your very own notebook(s). You choose the covers, binding, and page formatting to fit your needs: drawing, writing, project structuring, etc. Top it all off by personalizing with a name & address, and we will take your digital dream from tech to touch.

We’ve redesigned our Parisian flagship store into a semi-open atelier where we’ll make every single bespoke notebook from cover to cover.

Professionals can rely on Papier Tigre's creative and industrial know-how to design and manufacture a special notebook for an event or seminar. An individual can do the same for their own delight. 1 – 1,000 – 1,000,000 (dream big, right?) the number of copies is up to you!