Journalism: #CookForSyria

I was commissioned by the Parisian blog L’Instant Parisien to research and write an original piece about the UNICEF affiliated campaign #COOKFORSYRIA. I traveled to Paris and interviewed the women behind the campaign, as well as Chef Mohamed Elkhaldy. An excerpt here, link to the full piece below.

Syrian food culture, much like France’s, is central to the Syrian people’s collective identity. Families are known to spend days together preparing meals, and in certain villages, whole families have hundred-year-old reputations based on what they make. We dream of meeting the clan whose legacy is found in the heart of a scrumptious kunāfah, a crunchy golden dessert with sweet baked phyllo, cheese, and pistachios. Pride in such recipes is palpable and relatable. The concept of terroir is key to what Syrian food stands for. Today, these families have been spread across the world. Relocation efforts are severing the bonds between generations and the ability to pass down mouthwatering Syrian savoir faire.